Highland County Cemeteries

This project is in need of volunteers to survey the known cemeteries and to photograph them in a size where those with impaired vision can read the dates and words plainly. Our greatest wish is to get the photos now before the stones are eroded too much.

Cemeteries underlined have a bit of information already on line but more is needed.

Ambrose Cemetery   New Market  
Antioch Cemetery   Leesburg  
Auburn Cemetery   New Vienna  
Baptist Cemetery   New Market  
Barker Cemetery
aka Pricetown Cemetery
aka Salem Township Cemetery
Barnes Cemetery   New Market  
Barr Cemetery   Lynchburg  
Beavers Cemetery   Rainsboro  
Bells Run Cemetery   Sardinia  
Bethel Cemetery   Sugar Tree Ridge  
Bobbitt Cemetery   Lynchburg  
Boston Cemetery
aka Dallas Cemetery
aka Methodist Cemetery
Boyd Cemetery   Rainsboro  
Bratton Cemetery   Sardinia  
Brown Cemetery   Buford  
Buford Cemetery   Buford  
Burnett Cemetery   New Vienna  
Butler Cemetery   Sinking Spring  
Butters Cemetery   Rainsboro  
Byrd Cemetery   Sinking Spring  
Caldwell Cemetery   Greenfield  
Caplinger Cemetery   Elmville  
Carlisle Cemetery   Hillsboro  
Carmel Cemetery
aka Methodist Cemetery
aka Mount Carmel Cemetery
Carrier Cemetery   Sugar Tree Ridge  
Cedar Chapel Cemetery   Sinking Spring  
Chapman Cemetery
aka Caleb Hill Cemetery
Chapman Cemetery   Hillsboro  
Christian Union Cemetery   Rainsboro  
Clark Cemetery   New Vienna  
Coss Cemetery
aka Belfast Cemetery
aka Coss Road Cemetery
Countryman Cemetery   Sinking Spring  
County Home Cemetery   Hillsboro  
Courtney Cemetery      
Cowman Cemetery   Greenfield  
Creek Cemetery   Hillsboro  
Crispin Cemetery   Greenfield  
Curp Cemetery   Rainsboro  
Davidson Cemetery   Sinking Spring  
Dick Cemetery   Rainsboro  
Dodsonville Cemetery   Lynchburg  
Dollarhide Cemetery   Greenfield  
Duckwall Cemetery   Hillsboro  
Duckwall Cemetery   Hoagland  
Dunkard Cemetery   Leesburg  
Dunkard Ridge Cemetery   Elmville  
Dunns Chapel Cemetery   Willettsville  
Easter Cemetery   Hillsboro  
Ebenezer Cemetery   Sardinia  
Ellis Cemetery   Lynchburg  
Emry Cemetery   Sugar Tree Ridge  
Fairfax Cemetery   Belfast  
Fairfield FBC Cemetery   Fairview  
Fairfield Quaker Cemetery
aka Friends Cemetery
aka Fairfield Cemetery
Fall Creek Cemetery
aka Morrow Cemetery
aka Presbyterian Cemetery
aka Upper Fall Creek Cemetery
Fenner Cemetery   Belfast  
Fenner Number 1 Cemetery   Hillsboro  
Fenner Number 2 Cemetery   Hillsboro  
Fenner Number 3 Cemetery   Hillsboro  
Fetterling Cemetery   New Vienna  
Frazer Cemetery   Belfast  
Friends Cemetery   Rainsboro  
Friends Meeting House Cemetery
aka Old Quaker Cemetery
aka Orthodox Cemetery
aka Lower Quaker Cemetery
aka Lower Fall Creek Cemetery
Gibler Cemetery   Sugar Tree Ridge  
Gibler Cemetery   New Market  
Gilboa Cemetery   Greenfield  
Gist Settlement Cemetery   Gist Settlement  
Glascock Cemetery   New Market  
Greenfield Cemetery   Greenfield  
Haigh Cemetery   Belfast  
Hall Cemetery   Buford  
Hamer Township Cemetery   New Market  
Hansbrough Cemetery   Leesburg  
Hardin's Creek Cemetery   Leesburg  
Hart Cemetery
aka New Light Cemetery
  Sugar Tree Ridge  
Hartman Cemetery   Rainsboro  
Harwood Cemetery   Lynchburg  
Head Cemetery   Rainsboro  
Henderson Cemetery   Allensburg  
Hicksite Quaker Cemetery
aka Stringtown Quaker Cemetery
Higgins Cemetery   Sardinia  
High Top Cemetery
aka Clear Creek Cemetery
Highland Cemetery   Leesburg  
Hillsboro Cemetery   Hillsboro  
Hollowtown Cemetery   Hollowtown  
Huff Cemetery   Greenfield  
Hulitt Cemetery   Bainbridge  
Hurst Cemetery   Belfast  
Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery   Lynchburg  
Johnson Cemetery   Leesburg  
Kelly Cemetery   Hillsboro  
Knob Cemetery   Sugar Tree Ridge  
Leaverton Cemetery   Leesburg  
Lewis Cemetery   Sugar Tree Ridge  
Lunbeck Cemetery   Greenfield  
Lynchburg F & AM Cemetery
aka New Lynchburg Masonic Cemetery
Lynchburg Masonic Cemetery
aka Lynchburg IOOF Cemetery
aka Masonic Cemetery
Malcom Cemetery   Sugar Tree Ridge  
Marshall Cemetery
aka Methodist Cemetery
McCoy Cemetery   New Vienna  
McNeely Cemetery
aka Everard Cemetery
Methodist Cemetery
aka Denney Cemetery
aka Samantha Cemetery
Millers Chapel Cemetery   Sugar Tree Ridge  
Moore Cemetery   Rainsboro  
Mount Olive Cemetery   New Vienna  
Mount Zion Cemetery   New Market  
Mowrystown Cemetery   Sugar Tree Ridge  
New Light Cemetery
aka Rabbit Hash Cemetery
New Market Baptist Church Cemetery   New Market  
Nichols Cemetery   Sugar Tree Ridge  
Old Burying Ground Cemetery
aka Greenfield Old Burying Ground Cemetery
Old Concord Cemetery
aka Concord Township Cemetery
Old Dutch Cemetery
aka All Saints Cemetery
aka Saints Cemetery
aka Latter Day Saints Cemetery
  New Market  
Old Dutch Cemetery   Sinking Spring  
Olive Branch Cemetery   Sinking Spring  
Palmer Cemetery   Belfast  
Parks Cemetery   Belfast  
Petithory Cemetery   Sugar Tree Ridge  
Pisgah Cemetery   Hillsboro  
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
aka New Sinking Spring Cemetery
  Sinking Spring  
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
aka Fairfield Township Cemetery
aka Hills Cemetery
Pleasant Hill Cemetery   Hillsboro  
Pleasant View Cemetery   Belfast  
Polk Cemetery   New Vienna  
Pope Cemetery   Greenfield  
Presbyterian Cemetery   Marshall  
Presbyterian Cemetery
aka New Market Presbyterian Cemetery
  New Market  
Prospect Cemetery   Berrysville  
Pumill Cemetery   Rainsboro  
Redkey Cemetery   East Danville  
Resthaven Memory Gardens Cemetery   Hillsboro  
Roads Cemetery   Rainsboro  
Roberts Cemetery Number 1   Sugar Tree Ridge  
Roberts Cemetery Number 2   Mowrystown  
Rocky Spring Cemetery   Greenfield  
Rogers Cemetery   Sugar Tree Ridge  
Ruble Cemetery
aka Smith Cemetery
Runk Cemetery   Lynchburg  
Saint Joseph Cemetery   Greenfield  
Saint Marys Catholic Cemetery   Hillsboro  
Sanders Cemetery   New Market  
Sheep Pen Cemetery
aka Gustin Cemetery
aka Limes Cemetery
Shockley-Ross Cemetery   New Vienna  
Sonner Cemetery   Taylorsville  
Spickard Cemetery   New Market  
Storer Cemetery   Belfast  
Strain Cemetery   New Market  
Strait Creek Cemetery   Sinking Spring  
Strange Cemetery   New Market  
Stringtown Quaker Cemetery
aka New Stringtown Cemetery
Stroup Cemetery   Dodsonville  
Sugartree Ridge Cemetery
aka Methodist Cemetery
  Sugar Tree Ridge  
Swadley Cemetery   Leesburg  
Thompson Cemetery   New Vienna  
Troutwine Cemetery   Lynchburg  
Underwood Cemetery   New Vienna  
Union Cemetery
aka Union Chapel Cemetery
Union Chapel Cemetery   Belfast  
Van Winkle Cemetery   Sugar Tree Ridge  
Walker Cemetery Number 1   Belfast  
Walker Cemetery Number 2   Belfast  
Wesley Chapel Cemetery   Sugar Tree Ridge  
Wilkin Cemetery   Sugar Tree Ridge  
Wisecup Cemetery
aka Hastings Cemetery
Zink Cemetery   Rainsboro  

One name or photograph or two, fifty, one hundred, etc. We would love to have your input and help and I am sure many, many people researching their families will appreciate you too. Got a story or history of a cemetery? Send it along and we will post it too. The information, as always, belongs to you and you can have it pulled from the site if you should want to, we just hope you don't want to.



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